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Five Minute Friday: Willing

Willing - such a simple word but so full of power.

If I want to be a successful blogger, I must be willing to re-prioritize my life and spend more time writing. I also must be willing to let more people than the Five Minute Friday bloggers know about my website.

If I want a different life, I must be willing to get off my couch and get it. If I want to have lunch with friends, I must be willing to make that call and schedule it instead of trying to will it into happening by waiting for them to call me.

If I want a clean house, I must be willing to do the work. Same goes for the repairs that need to be made. Making lists in a notebook won't get it done, I need to be willing to put myself on a budget and put the money into my house.

If I want to lose those pounds that I've put back on, I must be willing to control my portions and watch what I eat. If I want to be a runner, I must be willing to lace up those shoes and hit the pavement.

If I want the beauty, I must be wil…