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Five Minute Friday: Hero

Five Minute Friday is a writing event that has hundreds of writers spending five minutes writing on the same topic and then sharing them at This week's word is Hero. 

When you read the word hero several things come to mind. People in capes with extraordinary powers. People in uniform who protect our way of life by serving in the military, on police forces, and on fire departments. People in the community that make a difference for school kids, homeless people, and the poor.

But what about the people who are just living every day lives in circumstances they never imagined. After suffering a seizure while driving, my friend's driver's license was suspended. His hero of a wife is driving him to work 10 miles from their house each day, then going another 12 miles to her job, which is 5 minutes from their house. Just this week, she drove him to a city 5 hours away so that he could be with his sister has her husband lay dying and she then drove them back, in the same day. She is my hero for the loving way she is caring for her husband and the strength she has shown in these circumstances.

I have another friend who, just as she was down from 3 kids to 1 at home and was looking forward to making changes to her house to make it more of the home that she wanted it to be, had her sister move in with her with her small children when they had nowhere else to go. This is a woman who works on her feet from 8am to 10pm, who has raised 3 daughters as a single mother, and even though she's been through some tough times of her own, was always willing to listen to me and show compassion when I was going through one of the toughest times of my life. She is my hero.

Heroes are all around us. Most of them don't leap from tall buildings in a single bound. They'll never have a parade marched in their honor, they'll never have a national holiday that marks their contributions. But that doesn't make them any less valuable to our planet. On the contrary, it makes them the most valuable. So today, say a prayer for the heroes in your life and craft a cape of praise to cover them in appreciation for all they do.


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