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31 Days of Traveling to Europe: Day 5 - Know Your Travel Companion‏

My sister and I get along really well but there is one major difference in us  - our eating habits. Since she is a schoolteacher, she has to eat her lunch on the run and some days she doesn't get a chance to eat at all. Therefore, she can go long stretches without eating. I, on the other hand, am used to three meals a day and two or three snacks. I started eating like that when I was on Weight Watchers and got used to it. When I don't eat regularly, I get a little cranky, no make that hangry (hungry + angry.) And it never fails, once you are hangry, you can (1) not find a place to eat or (2) find a place that you both can agree on. I wish now that I had packed snacks so that I would have been a more pleasant travel companion.

Luckily one thing we agreed on was getting up early and hitting the ground running. Our philosophy was we could sleep when we got home so we made the most of every minute and left our hotel room bright and early.

Even after three weeks together, my sister and I were getting along and even missed it each other the first couple of days we got home. I'm so blessed that I have such a great sister and even more blessed that she's one of my best friends too!


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