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Five Minute Friday: Small

I'm so embarrassed when I focus on my problems because they are so small in comparison to the problems of those around me.

  • I have a friend who has been having seizures. An MRI detected trauma in his brain. He and his wife wait for a diagnosis that will forever change their lives.

  • I know of a 23-year-old girl who just had brain surgery to prevent another stroke. Twenty-three-year-olds are not supposed to have strokes.

  • A new father had to hear the news that his father was shot eight times as he carried his trash to the curb.

  • A co-worker supports a family of three adults because two of those adults don't feel the need to work to carry their load and help pay the bills.

These are just the people I know. This doesn't even touch on the problems of the world. So why do I focus on my heartache? Why can't I just turn my so-very-small problems to my so-very- big God and concentrate on ways to ease my friends' problems.

My problems are so small but even big problems are small in God's hands. If I could convince everyone who is suffering of that simple fact, that would make such a huge difference.

Now to figure out a way to start with convincing me.


  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I have no words of wisdom - but I know that God is so big and so present. He is there with each of your friends - He is their with you. Most all problems can find something bigger to reduce them, but most all problems are big to us when they are our own. Hugs to you - hope you have a full and happy weekend.

    (Found you from 5minfriday:)

  2. Great Post Andrea.
    Just when we wrap our heads around the bad things happening to good people, it happens to someone we love and it all comes unraveled.

    Thanks for the reminder about Who is in charge.

    Laura Hedgecock


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