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31 Days: Do Not Be Afraid To Ask

This summer, one of my favorite people on the planet got married in Maine. It would have been the first trip I took on my own. I've traveled alone on trips for business since my divorce but it would have been my first solo trip for pleasure. And once I got there, I would have been spending most of my time with three couples. My Tribe doesn't differentiate between couples and singles but it seemed a little lonely to go to a wedding without a plus one. I knew of another single person that was going to the wedding so I took a chance and asked her if I could travel with her. She had been to Maine several times and knew some of my friend's friends so I thought she'd be the perfect person to tag along with since my friend would be preoccupied with wedding prep and her visiting family. She graciously let me make my way to Maine with her, she even did a lot of the research on our flights and finding a bed and breakfast.

Could I have made the trip on my own, of course I could have. But I think my trip was enhanced by traveling with someone and getting to know that someone a little better. I did spend some time on my own, I  ventured out on and found my way to the park where the lighthouse above is located. I had lunch by myself on the patio of a restaurant where I had my first professionally prepared ramen noodles. I did enough on my own to give me the confidence and the desire to try a solo trip in the future.

I am so glad that I took the chance and ask if I could travel with my acquaintance. It felt like I was taking a step towards living life on my own terms and stepping out of my comfort zone to bring new people into my life. Some might say I took the easy way out but I think that would have been giving into my fears and staying home. This way I got to be a part of my friend's important day while learning that there is nothing wrong with taking a chance and asking for a little company.


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