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31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes: Day 5 - Home

This is my house on a lovely winter day. Before the awning above the front door shredded from the years of sun, rain, and snow. Before the shutters on the right were painted a pea green as a test for all of the windows and trim. Before straight-line winds took out the tree. With all its imperfections, this little 1200-sq-ft bungalow is home to me. It is my haven. Even though it holds some sad memories, it is the place I want to be in more than any other. (Well, besides the Hotel Minerve in Paris).

I have grand plans to replace that awning, one full of vibrant colors instead of the muted greens and reds it held before. I have plans to match all of the shutters and windows with a bright gold or yellow. And I may even plant a new tree to provide the shade that would keep my west-facing house so much cooler in the summer.

I have so many plans for this house. To finish all of the projects started before he left. To cover all of the white on the walls with cheerful hues. To finally install the hardware and light fixtures that sit in boxes, waiting for the right drill bit and the expertise to deal with electricity.

I have so many plans for this home. To build happy memories that will overpower the sad ones. To invite new friends over to share my corner of the world. To discover the life that is waiting for me.


  1. I love your bungalow. Mine is 932 sq. ft. so I understand cozy. You will make new memories...and if you don't know how to use a screw gun yet, it can change your life! It did mine. :)


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