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Day 28: Saving You From My Fate‏

Living on my own is an exercise in trial and error, even when it comes to a task as simple as cleaning a shower head. There's something about the water in my city that clogs my shower head frequently. Cleaning the clogs is as simple as soaking it in white vinegar but it's getting the vinegar into the tiny holes that can be tricky. I used to have a shower head that was easily removed and I could just take it off, put it in a bowl of vinegar and I'd be back to comfortable showers in no time. That one had to be replaced for a reason I can't remember and the new one is a bit trickier. The screw doesn't seem quite long enough to make putting the head back on an easy endeavor. It's like playing the game Operation with your eyes closed and tweezers made out of cooked spaghetti. The first time I did it, I was extremely lucky and it all went without a hitch. This gave me a false sense of confidence and no fear of doing the task again. The second time did not go as well. I tried again and again to get the shower head back on and no amount of trying worked. There are several people I call on when I can't do things for myself but unfortunately, I need to be ready to leave my house in an hour and a half so there was no time to call in reinforcements. I was forced to take a shower with water pressure at the consistency of a fire hose. I thought for sure the water was going to either shoot me out of the back of the tub and/or leave me scared for life. It was the quickest shower of my life. That night when I got back home after a night at the theater, I was more determined than ever to show that shower head who was boss and get it back on without anyone's help. I put the screws to it and got it back on in my first try. After a few choice words I vowed to never take the thing off again, unless it was to throw it in the trash. This left me with finding a new way to clean it. The next time I was almost blinded by a stinging stream of wayward water, I came up with a plan. I poured white vinegar in the bottom of a Ziploc bag and used an extra long twist tie to attach it to the head. I let it soak overnight and the next day the shower was as clean as it had been when I used the previous frustrating method.

Me 1  Shower head 0.  Victory is sweet!


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